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Wine Coaster - The Royal Couple

Wine Coaster - The Royal Couple

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This wine coaster, made of ebony and sterling silver, was the official present for The Royal Couple of Denmark from the municipality of Haderslev, visiting the town of june 2013.
The form of the ebony base is inspired from a so called “foram”, a single-celled organism, found as a fossil, that used to live on the bottom of the sea, at Gram Claypit some 5-10 million years ago in miocene age.

The silver frieze describes different important “highlights” of Haderslev history and the present age.

There is a Schleswig Lion holding a horn from The Schleswig Music Band, besides an ice crystal, showing the importance of the ice age for the formation of our landscape as well as symbolizing the present role of our SønderjyskE ice hockey team – an important local sport.

In the middle of the frieze, you see a Luther Rose, as a sign of The Reformation being implemented in Haderslev 10 years before the rest of Denmark.

Of more present character the Water Tower is a symbol of the yearly music festival “Kløften” – a significant event for Haderslev.

The ancient cultural history of our area is represented in the pattern found on a gold bracteate excavated at the site of the company Bestseller. The important trade with cattle that took place in the Middle Ages is illustrated by an ox which resides between the wings of an eagle, showing the diverse birdlife in our area, as well as our connection with Germany, that has influenced on the development of Haderslev. The eagle rests on the wheel of a speedway motorcycle, a sport of significance, that has put the Municipality of Haderslev on the map.

What links everything together on the silver frieze are barley grains, which is the main ingredient, in one of Haderslevs landmarks – The Brewery Fuglsangs beer production.

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